Kimmy (dropsofme) wrote,

Sick boredom...

20 years ago I was
- 3
- a complete brat
- Too young to remember all that much

15 years ago I Was:
- turning out to be a pretty good kid
- loved wearing clothes that didn't match
- wouldn't eat anything but pb sandwiches and hotdogs

10 Years Ago I Was:
- boy crazy ;p
- started being extremely self conscious
- a huge tomboy
- into computer games

5 Years Ago I Was:
- girl crazy ;p
- finishing up highschool
- getting into volunteer work
- realising the vast majority of my health problems
- anorexic

1 Year Ago I Was:
- just starting to work at Equitable
- trying to keep my sanity despite my crazy family situation
- fighting my anorexia and winning
- going on year two for living with Tery

Yesterday I:
- I called in sick :(
- slept a lot
- read even more than I slept
- tried recuping for today, which apparently wasn't enough

5 Snacks I enjoy:
- chocolate
- lays chips
- fruit
- trailmix
- pretzels

5 Songs I know all the words to:
- Alison Kraus - when you say nothing at all
- a fair amount of Sarah McLachlin
- Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough
- Gretchin Wilson -Redneck Woman
- Dido - Thank You

5 Places I would run away to:
- BC
That's about it... I would travel places, but I would only stay in BC

5 things I'd never wear:
- tube top
- clothing that is too tight
- too short skirt
- pretty much anything skank like
- fur

5 Favorite TV shows:
- Bones
- Simpsons
- Family Guy
- South Park
- Everybody Loves Raymond reruns

5 Bad Habits:
- chewing the area around my nails
- not wearing my c-pap enough
- interrupting Terry ;p
- letting things get to me and being stressed waaaay too much
- eating junk food

5 Biggest Joys:
- going out for dinner
- Terry time
- hanging out with my sister
- relaxing
- good days at work

5 people I tag to do this:
Whoever else feels like slacking off :)
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