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Cancer Update

Well, I finally figured out a way to get an MRI without my family dr referring me (since she won't) and having to wait for months.
I'm going to the states. I just need a script from a dr (so my mom's dr, my old family dr is going to write the script - not sure what that is) and I can get in within 2 weeks! That made me so happy. So the States health care system is good for something ;p
So I'll be going to Port Huron Michegan for the procedure.
I just want to put my mind at ease, so does everyone else in my family, I want to make sure there is no cancer left, that there isn't anything else gone. If there is cancer somewhere else, I want to know. There is a pretty good chance if they find it in one location, it could be in another. That scares the hell out of that, especially now that I have a family history of it.
Maybe I'm being paranoid... I don't think I am though.

I'm feeling a little better about, at least I can stop worrying so much about whether or not I have cancer still.

And of course there is always a drawback.

The cost...

1200$ American!
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