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Performance Appraisal

Warning! Depressed entry is ahead...

Ok, I didn't get let go or anything like that. But she brought to my attention some errors that concern her and some of the other csr's. Interestingly enough, it wasn't the errors I thought they would be. They were some letters I had written and she said they were erros I shouldn't be making, whatever... Anyways, there were some french mistakes I shouldn't have made gramatically... she was right about that. Anyways, she asked if there was a reason I could think why I would have made those errors. So I ended up admitting about my learning disability and crying. Oh yes, crying. Damn why do I have to be so freaking emotional at all the wrong times! She said that makes more sense now, which is good I guess. But she's extending my probationary period 3 months! Wtf? That can't be good. Now I'll just be paranoid for another 3 months that my ass will get canned. She said she noticed more errors lately, I told her it was because I went off of some medication, she wants me to try meds again, since it's obviously affecting my work performance. She doesn't want me going on the phones for at least the next 3 months, she wants me to do some traning, going to different areas and learning everything. That means I'm going to have go to different departments and learn all their stuff. Anyways, this is not good. Not good at all. More crying... I don't see this going anywhere good, I know I should think positive because they could have just let me go today if they had really wanted to, but another three months of probation is not a good thing.
This job is stupid, I'm too stupid for this job anyway... God why can't I just be normal?
Maybe I need a job that is less stressful? Or that needs less intelligence... I don't know.

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