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Drops of me

6 August 1982
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I'm warning you that I whine in this journal. A lot. If you can't deal with that, then don't bother reading it.
My family is pretty freakin' crazy and I talk about them a lot.
I have adult ADD, I'm a recovering anorexic and I like art.
I work for an insurance company, Equitable Life of Canada, which I am currently trying to get the hell out of... I complain about this a lot in my journal.

I was married to Terry (zeronobus) this past June 6, 2006 here in Waterloo.

We were joined June 6, 2006 forever in love.
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My father died April 27, 2005 and I'm having an unbearably hard time with it. Cancer came in the form of a brain tumor and took him very quickly. We learned of his cancer (as well as he) about 8 hours before he died. I miss him horribly and will talk about him quite frequently. I myself was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2005 and have been cancer free since.

Warning, I like hugs =)

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I also suffer from depression.
Depression is serious.
Support those who suffer.

I am currently trying to lose weight

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